Rethinking Economic Relations

Current market economies profoundly extend their influence beyond the economy itself, and have resulted in a marketization of many domains of society

. Critics argue that this system promotes inequality, social dis-embeddedness and ecological degradation, and fails to meet social and psychological needs. Don’t we have the state to deal with the negative implications of the market? Professor René Kemp questions whether state interventions are sufficient to rely on. Drawing from research on socioeconomic transformation, he emphasizes the importance of transforming the sociocultural backbone of systems, by changing social relationships and adopting new ideas. Explore social innovation initiatives based on relational values, collective ownership and people-centered approaches to prosperity. What does this bottom-up movement exactly entail, and to what extent could it reshape the system?
Studium Generale (WUR)
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Datum:16 nov 2017 vanaf 20:00

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